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When people think of Ireland they don’t necessarily associate the country with the term Fun’ as most people anticipate that there won’t be much to do other than seeing old uninteresting locations and constantly handicapped by incessantly appalling weather. Yes one can say that the weather is not one to brag about but that by no means won’t allow you to have a grand time there as Ireland is without question a breathtaking country that is richly blessed by its food, people, locations and the landscapes will leave you desiring more and more.

If you are wondering what you can do to entertain your vacation in Ireland, don’t worry as there is much you can do as there are many tourist attractions to visit, here are a couple:

Dublin the capital of Ireland is without a doubt worth some of your vacation time. Enjoy a ride through the city one of the city buses that will take you on a tour of the major sites in the lavish city. It’s a bit expensive but so too is good value for money which in this case is worth it as your eyes become richly awed by the beautiful sites and historical landmarks.

Some places that you must see are:

The Guinness Factory- Guinness originated in Ireland is the world renowned stout. Now enjoyed worldwide it is the most recognised brew to grace the drinking society.

Another site to feast your eyes on is the Liffey River that runs throughout the city which is comparable to the famous river in London, the Thames. You can enjoy boat rides to set the mood for you and your lover and also see the city from a different viewpoint all together. This will certainly add some serenity to your vacation.

Next in line of the many of Ireland’s sites is the Millennium Bridge. Magnificent in history one can now take a leisurely walk around the city to see the various pubs and shops. What’s more as a visitor it is customary to go across the Millennium Bridge one of the famous landmarks in the city.

Ireland’s beauty isn’t centred on Dublin alone as there's a lot more that you can do. There are the world’s best golf courses and if you are a golf lover you can be a part of the action and feel like one of the greats as you will be shooting par or birdies on a renowned sporting course. The other towns are also endowed with attractive spots; the best thing that you can do is rent an automobile and explore the flourishing green landscapes. You won’t regret it as you will be enthralled with the lovely sceneries.

The Cliffs of Moher and Blarney Castle are some other sites that you can visit while on your vacation as one is natures wonder and the other a historical landmark. While there ensure to enjoy a few dinners at the local pubs. The local music is also a great thing to experience.

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