Air Canada

Air Canada is the largest airline operating in Canada. It is also the seventh largest airline in the whole world. Canada has chosen Air Canada as its flag carrier. Air Canada has been around for a while with its founding happening in 1936. Air Canada flies all over the world as well as in Canada. In the 2013 fiscal year the passenger revenue was over 12 billion dollars making it one of the most successful fiscal years on record yet for the airline. Air Canada is divided into three parts known as Air Canada Cargo, Air Canada Express, and Air Canada Rouge. They are also affiliated with Air Canada Vacations.

What advantages does Air Canada have?
The biggest advantage that Air Canada possesses is its size and infrastructure allowing it to operate on large basis as well as have a significant global presence. In fact Air Canada operates of 1500 flights daily. Air Canada also has the advantage of being able to provide top quality service on all of its flights. On international flights not to North America or the Caribbean those flying Executive First Service class are provided with reclining leather padded chairs with their own entertainment monitors as well. All passengers are also offered complimentary food and drink on every flight as well.

Why should you fly with them?
One of the main reasons many fly with Air Canada is due to its reputation of being a high quality service oriented airline. It is hard to not be impressed with Air Canada's track record and continuing expansion. Another reason to fly with them is that they fly to more locations than any other airline located in Canada making them one of the most convenient airlines to choose when you are flying from Canada to somewhere abroad. Air Canada also has an extensive network that partners with many foreign airlines which can make flights that contain a transfer much more simple than flights with an airline with a less extensive network.