British Airways

British Airways was formed in 1972 in order to combine many small airline companies in Great Britain into a single airline. Since then it has continued to grow and is now Great Britain's official flag carrier airline. It has the largest fleet size in all of Great Britain and is only second to easyJet when it comes to the number of passengers it carries per year. British Airways also services the largest number of international flights in Great Britain and flies to the largest number of international destinations. British Airways also holds the distinction of being one of the founding members of the Oneworld airline alliance.

What advantages does British Airways have?
One advantage that British Airways has is it's size. It's size allows it to service many more destinations than smaller airlines. Its size also allows it to operate many more flights per day than smaller airlines. British Airways also has a very sizable fleet of aircraft nearing 300. Another advantage offered by this airline is the ability for passengers to choose from four distinct classes. This allows everyone to choose the level of comfort that they wish to have before and during the flight. Though even the lowest option for seating class offers extreme detail towards comfort and relaxation.

Why should you fly with them?
A good reason to fly with British Airways is due to their excellent reputation in the airline world. They provide complimentary meals and beverages to all seat classes during there flights. On long hall flights they also provide everyone with their own personal entertainment center as well as power outlets for charging personal electronics. British Airways extensive network abroad is also a good reason to fly with them as it guarantees a smooth journey as easy connections from flight to flight when you are traveling long distances.