Emirates is the largest airline in the United Arab Emirates. It is based in Dubai and is also the largest airline in the entire middle east. In terms of international passengers carried, Emirates ranks fourth in the world. It currently is the operator of 3400 flights a week traveling to 78 different countries. The countries that in flies to span across six continents and include 142 cities. Emirates also has an impressive fleet size of over 200. The fleet size is set to grow in upcoming years as Emirates has recently ordered 140 Airbus A380s which are the largest commercial airplane to have been built.

What advantages does Emirates have?
At the top of the list for advantages that Emirates has is its reputation. It is rated as a four star airline by Skytrax and was voted airline of the year in 2013. Emirates also is showing no signs of stopping its growth in upcoming years as it continues to pull an impressive profit. Emirates also has the advantages that all large airlines have such as a wide variety of locations for passengers to choose from as well as multiple times passengers can choose to leave for flights. Another advantage for the airline is the general lack of competition in the area.

Why should you fly with them?
The main reason that many choose to fly with Emirates is the quality of the service provided to passengers in all classes. Over the years Emirates has won award after award for the services they provide their customers. Emirates also offers the ability to choose your class out of three classes based upon the amount of luxury you wish to fly in. Complimentary meals and drinks are provided to all passengers on their flights and healthy meal options are provided to first class and business class passengers.