Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is the flagship carrier for the United Arab Emirates. It is a relatively new airline only being established in 2003 at the request of the royal family of the United Arab Emirates. Though it is not the largest or most well known airline in the area it offers over 1000 flights per week to 96 different destinations around the world. It currently has a fleet of 100 Boeing and Airbus manufactured planes. In 2012 in enjoyed a 12% increase in passengers over the last year indicating that Etihad Airways is continuing to expand and grow. It has already become a competitive airline in the middle eastern region of the world.

What advantages does Etihad Airways have?
Etihad Airway's stresses the quality and the elegance of its customer care and flights. In 2009 they opened a new terminal in Abu Dhabi that features a personal concierge at check in for premium class passengers. The design of the terminal is fashioned to look like a 5 star luxury hotel and has many duty free shops stocked with the worlds finest fashion labels. Etihad Airways also has the advantage of being well funded. They have recently purchased a large number of Airbus A380's which should be delivered within the next ten years.

Why should you fly with them?
When it comes to flying in luxury and comfort there are not many airlines that execute it quite as well as Etihad Airways. Those that choose to fly Diamond class are equipped with a private cabin that comes with its own mini-bar, 27” video screen, and a fully flat-lying seat. The other classes also come with reclining seats as well as their own personal video screens. For full service flights complimentary beverages and drinks are provided to all passengers as well. When designing the seating Etihad Airways made sure to provide the maximum amount of comfort as well.