Iberia Airlines

Iberia Airlines is the flag carrier airline for Spain. It is also the largest commercial airline in Spain. Iberia has been an airline since 1927 making it one of the oldest still operating commercial airlines. Its headquarters are located in Madrid and the two main hubs it flies from are located in Madrid and Barcelona. In 2010 Iberia Airlines merged with British Airways creating the third largest airline company in the world based on revenues. Both British Airways and Iberia Airlines continue to operate under their separate brand names however. The company they both officially operate under is known as International Airlines group.

What advantages does Iberia Airlines have?
Due to the merge with British Airways Iberia Airlines now has the advantage of having a large and growing network around the world. This has allowed them to charter more flights than ever before in their company's history. By themselves Iberia Airlines has a relatively small fleet of 74 planes that fly to 75 locations around the world. With the recent merger though Iberia Airlines has been able to use British Airways and other affiliates for connecting flights which has expanded their scope and range substantially. Currently, Iberia Airlines makes flights to 45 countries around the globe.

Why should you fly with them?
Iberia Airlines offers two different classes for you to choose from when purchasing tickets. The higher level is called business class and the lower level is called economy class. Business class enjoys complimentary meals as well as personal video monitors and leather padded lie-flat chairs. Economy class also is provided with complimentary drinks and meals on longer flights, but their in flight entertainment consists of shared overhead video screens. On longer flights Iberia Airlines also offers satellite phone service for a small fee to both those in business and economy class.