Korean Air

Korean Air is the largest airline operating in South Korea with its founding going all the way back to 1946. It is also the official flag carrier airline for South Korea. The international and cargo divisions of Korean Air service 130 different cities throughout 45 countries. The domestic division of Korean air flies to 20 different destinations throughout South Korea. The main hub it flies out of is Incheon International Airport. For international airlines Korean Air ranks in the top 20 and for cargo airlines it is often placed at the very top of the list. In 2012 it was rated as Asia's best airline by Business Traveler readers.

What advantages does Korean Air have?
Perhaps Korean Air's biggest advantage is its size. The size of the company allows it to fly to many locations around the world. It currently has a fleet size of over 150 planes. It also has a large work force which is dedicated to ensuring all aspects of the business operate smoothly and without glitches. Another advantage that Korean Air has is that there is little competition in South Korea for the international flight market. This has allowed Korean Air to grow and dominate this market making it streamlined and more efficient for the passengers.

Why should you fly with them?
Korean Air is a good airline to fly with when you are traveling internationally either to or from South Korea. There detailed national infrastructure allows you to take connecting flights to many destinations within South Korea quite easily. Korean Air also features exceptional service on all of their flights allowing you to pick between three separate seating classes. These classes are first class, prestige class, and economy class. Each class has their own personal video monitors though first class and prestige class has larger monitors. For each flight there are also menus available with many choices between dinners and snacks.