LAN Airlines

LAN Airlines is a group of airline companies operating out of South America. It is also the official flag carrier of Chile, though it operates out of other countries in South America as well. It is the largest airline that operates in Chile and Peru and it is the second largest airline operating in Argentina, Colombia, and Ecuador. It is also the 10th oldest airline that is still operating. In the year 2000 it joined the Oneworld airline alliance. It currently flights all over the world with the majority of its flights being to South America, North America, Oceania, and Europe.

What advantages does LAN Airlines have?
The biggest advantage that LAN Airlines has is its numerous subsidiaries throughout South America. This allows for it to fly with ease to many locations throughout South America without the usual hassle of having to change airlines or planes. The vast infrastructure it has built up has made it one of the leading airlines that people use to fly into South America due to its prevalence and large fleet of aircraft. Also, the fact that LAN Airlines has been around for over 80 years provides it with more experience and history that many other airlines do not have to learn from.

Why should you fly with them?
LAN Airlines is known as an extremely reliable airline which provides excellent service. It has become many travelers first choice for traveling to and around South America. It offers three different classes for seating. These classes are Premium Business Class, Premium Economy Class, and Economy Class. Each of these comes equipped with a personal entertainment center complete with a video screen in the back of each seat on the flight. All passengers also enjoy complimentary meals and nonalcoholic drinks on all of the flights.