TACA International

TACA International is the largest airline in El Salvador and is also the flag carrier for El Salvador. TACA stands for Transportes Aereos del Continente Americano. It is a fairly old transportation airline and has been a company since 1931. In flies to both locations in El Salvador as well as international locations. It currently flies to 50 destinations in 22 countries. It belongs to the parent company Synergy group and has its headquarters based in San Salvador. It has a relatively small fleet size of only 44 planes which is expected as El Salvador is a small country.

What advantages does TACA International have?
TACA International has the advantage of being the largest airline in a relatively small country. This allows them have an edge on the market for international flights both to and from El Salvador. Also, recently with their acquisition by Synergy group they have had the funds to improve on the quality and services of their flights.  Another advantage available to TACA International is its use as a connecting airline by some of its affiliates. This allows it to gain additional revenue from short flights within El Salvador that may be chartered by different airlines. The main advantage for TACA International however is it's attention to the service it provides its customers.

Why should you fly with them?
TACA International offers well equipped flights with high quality service. This has made them a popular option for travelers and business men alike. TACA International offers two separate seating classes. Business class provides additional luggage allowances as well as wider seats. All passengers enjoy a complimentary meal and drink service though those flying in business class have more options available to them than those flying in economy. All passengers also enjoy their own personal video monitor for in flight entertainment.