TAM Airlines

TAM Airlines is a Brazilian based airline company. It is the largest airline in Brazil based upon both its market share as well as its fleet size. Despite this it is still not Brazil's official flag carrier airline though it is by far the most well known Brazilian airline globally. TAM airlines currently operates many domestic flights within Brazil as well as many flights to other parts of South America. It also charters longer international flights to North America and Europe. It flies to over 60 destinations both domestically and internationally. It also has a large fleet size of 175 planes. In 2014 TAM Airlines withdrew from the Star Alliance and joined the Oneworld alliance.

What advantages does TAM Airlines have?
One of TAM Airlines biggest advantages is the size of its fleet. Though it only flies to 60 destinations it's large fleet is necessary due to the size of Brazil as well as its distance from its destinations in North America and Europe. The large fleet allows it to operate regular international flights at convenient times. It's large size has also given it the advantage of becoming one of the main choices that tourists and business professionals alike choose when they are traveling to Brazil. Business is only expected to increase for TAM Airlines as Brazil becomes a more popular place to visit.

Why should you fly with them?
One of the main reasons you should fly with TAM Airlines is their excellent business reputation. Since they started fly in the 1970s, TAM Airlines has become known for top quality service on all of its flights. It offers up to two seating classes that you can choose from when you purchase your ticket for a flight. On long flights all passengers are given complimentary food and drinks and they also each have their own personal video monitor.