Virgin America Airlines

Virgin America Airlines is a relatively recent airline which was established in 2007. It is an offshoot of the Virgin brand which is owned by Richard Brandson. The goal of the airline is to provide cheap but luxury flights that focus mainly on connecting destinations on the west coast and the east coast of America. Its headquarters are located in San Fransisco, but it also has a hub at LAX international airport in Los Angeles. It is a medium sized airline with 21 destinations all located domestically within the United States. Its fleet consists of 53 Airbus manufactured planes.

What advantages does Virgin America Airlines have?
Virgin America Airlines has the advantage of having the financial backing of Virgin company brand. This has allowed Virgin America Airlines to start out with the amount of resources it often takes other airlines years to be able to acquire. Due to this they have quickly become one of the leading domestic airlines companies within the United States. Virgin America Airlines also has the advantage of being able to offer comfortable and accommodating flights for affordable prices. They have also directed a lot of their marketing towards a younger crowd which has turned out to be a wise strategy.

Why should you fly with them?
The main reason you should fly with Virgin America Airlines is that they offer high quality service for affordable prices. One feature that is unique to Virgin America Airlines is the mood lighting they provide in their cabins. This can create a much warmer and less stressful environment than typical airline lighting arrangements. Virgin America Airlines also has taken especially careful detail to offer a wide variety of meals on all of their flights that can be ordered from your seat. Each passenger also is equipped with a personal entertainment center complete with movies, games, and mp3s.