Virgin Atlantic Airlines

Virgin Atlantic Airlines is a British airline that operates internationally as well as domestically. The ownership of Virgin Atlantic Airlines is dived between Delta Airlines and the Virgin Group with the Virgin Group holding a slight majority of the shares. The airline began in the early 1980s and has enjoyed success all the way up to modern times. Virgin Atlantic Airlines has an airship fleet which is a mixture of wide body planes manufactured by both Boeing and Airbus. It is the seventh largest airline in Great Britain. It flies to 32 destinations and has a fleet size of only 38 making it a relatively small airline. Its headquarters are located in Crawly in the United Kingdom.

What advantages does Virgin Atlantic Airlines have?
One advantage that Virgin Atlantic Airlines has is its relatively small fleet size. This keeps the cost of maintenance down. However, the downside is that they cannot fly to as many locations as larger airlines. Virgin Atlantic also has the advantage of having the financial support and backing of both Delta Airlines and the Virgin financial group. This allows them to keep a small fleet but offer the services and quality that is usually only available to much larger airlines.

Why should you fly with Virgin Atlantic Airlines?
Virgin Atlantic offers flights with exceptional luxury and attention to details. There are three distinct options for seats available for purchase. Those in the lowest class are able to purchase seats with additional legroom as well. Another unique aspect to Virgin Atlantic is the fact that it provides an in flight bar complete with bar stools for first class passengers. For many this is an experience worth paying for. All passengers are also given complimentary meals as well as drinks. Alcoholic drinks can be purchased throughout the flight for additional cost.